A solar energy system installed by Vulcan Solar Power at your business will substantially reduce operating costs for 30+ years, pay for itself in just 3-5years, and generate anywhere from 15% to 25% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for most businesses.


The federal government offers substantial tax incentives to businesses that install solar energy systems that can effectively lower the cost of the system up to 50% in the first year.

  • 26% Federal Tax Credit. Businesses are entitled to a 26% federal tax credit on the entire cost of a solar energy system (dollar-for-dollar credit), and there is no application process or cap on the total credit amount. Free money from the IRS!
  • Accelerated Depreciation. Businesses can depreciate 85% of the entire cost of a system in the first year, at the federal level and 100% at the state level, which can reduce the effective cost of the system by another 20% or more.


A solar energy system at your business will substantially reduce operating costs for 30+ years and generate significant economic returns.

  • Over 50% Reduction on Your Power Bill. Systems designed and installed by VSP typically will offset 50-65% of a customer’s annual power bill, but in certain applications the offset can exceed 90%.
  • 3-5 Year Payback Period. In most cases, a system installed by VSP will pay for itself in just 3-5 years.
  • 15-25% IRR. You can expect a system installed by VSP to generate a minimum 10-year IRR of 15%, but often the IRR will be 20% or more.



  • Competitive Advantage. More and more companies are demanding that their suppliers and corporate partners take steps towards sustainability, and increasingly individual consumers and businesses evaluate companies on their commitment to sustainability. Thus, installing a solar energy system at your business will give you an advantage over your competitors.
  • Free Publicity. Every commercial solar energy system that has been installed by VSP has garnered significant press, which means free marketing!
  • Community Goodwill. A solar energy system at your business will create valuable goodwill and loyalty within your community.

To learn more about how a solar energy system at your business will increase your bottom line, significantly reduce operating costs for 30+ years, generate substantial economic returns, help meet your company’s sustainability objectives, and give your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 205-679-8666.


The VSP solar installation process is simple.  From start to finish, we handle everything for our customers making solar easy for you.

Free Consultation & Site Survey

Free System Design & Quote

Sign Agreement, Permitting & Approvals

Schedule Installation

Complete Installation & Final Inspection

Operational Instructions & Support


    Free Consultation & Site Survey

    The process begins with a free consultation to discuss your renewable energy objectives. Then we will schedule a site survey at your business to collect data on your solar energy potential, take measurements of your roof, and examine your electrical system.  

  • Free System Design & Quote

    Using the data we have collected from the site survey, VSP will provide you with a customized design proposal that will include multiple array options and your projected savings on your electrical bill.

  • Sign Agreement, Permitting & Approvals

    Once you have approved the design proposal and signed an agreement, VSP will handle all aspects of the installation process and obtain all necessary permits for your job. We will also provide assistance with receiving approval from your utility provider.  

  • Schedule Installation

    VSP will work with you to schedule an installation date. The installation time depends on the size and complexity of your solar system. Most commercial installations can take anywhere from a week to a month or even longer depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

  • Complete Installation & Final Inspection

    Upon completion of the installation, VSP will perform a final inspection and verify that your system meets the industry’s highest standards and is operating at peak performance.

  • Operational Instructions & Support

    Once everything has been completed, a VSP representative will provide you with detailed instructions on the operation and maintenance of your solar panel system as well as a tutorial on your monitoring system.